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Chris Coad Taylor

Chris Coad Taylor writes mystery suspense and thrillers then peppers it with a bit of romance for added spice.

  Taylor was born in New Jersey, just a stone’s throw away from New York City. Although, she moved with her family to Florida when she was only six-years-old, her parents bestowed a deep-seeded appreciation of Broadway, museums, and the liveliness of a big city. Growing up in Florida, she loved the tropical beauty around her and treasured her family and the stories told to her about life in the north. Mixing the two worlds, Chris’s persona is a lively blend of big city sophistication mixed with the gentle graciousness found in the hospitality of the beautiful old south.

  Her family tree is rich with talented artists and craftsmen. She carved her own creative path first working in the floral and interior design industry as a designer. As a visual artist, she has worked in a multitude of mediums from ink stippling on paper and painting on canvases to wall murals encompassing entire rooms and photography.

  Over the last decade, she has cultivated her writing talent and added published author to her lists of accomplishments. characters in her novels have depth and come alive with emotion and drama. Taylor enjoys trying new techniques and adores the “nior” style of writing that Dennis LeHanne applies to many of his writings.

   Taylor delights in adding unexpected twists to her stories and vows to never slip into the “too easily used” happily-ever-after endings. She wants her readers to have the rush of the unknown, the shock of surprise, and the excitement of the A-ha moment that mystery writing can provide.

Keep your eyes on her because there is a lot more to come.

 “I find my inspiration everywhere, from nature, music, art and the people I meet. By connecting with people, there is so much to learn.

  With this knowledge, comes growth. Without growth or the human connection my soul would wither and die.”

Chris Coad Taylor

When asked what inspires her writing: